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At Fayetteville Martial Arts, we follow five rules and we are to practice these rules to make ourselves better martial artists.  Our fifth rule is “Out of the Do-Jang (place where we practice martial arts) and into the world”.   This means that the leadership, discipline and respect that we talk about in class is supposed to manifest itself into our world.  
This type of leadership is alive and well with our projects and each serves our fellow man and community. 

AL Project
Alabama Project

Building a home for a family in need is, by itself, a worthwhile investment of time, however, The Alabama Project is something more than a building project.

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Food Drive
food drive

Self defense at a high level is puting others before yourself. Our food drive this year provided 700+ meals to families in NWA.

Battery Collection
battery collection

During the month of October, we encouraged our students to change their smoke detector batteries and bring in the old ones for recycling. Every student that brought in a battery was entered in a drawing to win a Chili's giftcard. Congrats, Ky!

Brush Drive
brush drive for Peace at home family shelter

Peace at Home's mission is "to END family violence by empowering victims to survive and thrive by nurturing their self-determination and courage..." IMA will be supporting this tremendous group in a small way, by collecting hairbrushes and toothbrushes during the month of March.