Kids: 6-14 Years Old


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We offer a unique and fun blend of fitness, education and self confidence. We use a basic philosophy of positive reinforcement in order to build self-esteem, confidence, discipline, positive attitude and values. We realize that the ability to defend ourselves is important, however there are many additional benefits to be gained from involving a child in our program.

Our method of training is FUN and designed to:

    *Instill a positive winning attitude that is infectious

    *Build confidence and self-esteem

    *Teach the importance of Strong Values and Good Character

    *Promote the desire to learn by improving effort and motivation

    *Greatly enhance concentration

    *Teach and reinforce self discipline

    *Instill a high level of respect

As children learn to apply themselves fully to their marital arts, this skill transfers to all areas of their lives, and it will improve their performance in other sports, as well as improving their study habits.
One very crucial ability that comes from our program is that we are empowering children how to deal with the many challenges, that they will face growing up in today's world.